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Eric Ebron Just Called Me A Dumbass… Here We Go Again | @Ebron85

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Oops. Ohhhh Shit. I made a typo. Hasn’t happened before, right? Just kidding every blog I do has a couple of them, won’t ever stop… But shit.. Rumor had it that Eric Ebron was crying once again on Twitter so I went to check it out…

I let the world know that I was checking the tweets out and well..

I made a typo…. shit. Obviously I meant to put here… But I was thinking about how I heard him crying.. SO I fucked up. Shit. At least I’m owning up for fucking up. He never owned up to shit in Detroit. Right “E”… None of it was your fault.. DROP!

I mean… it was a pretty dumb typo but for the moron himself to come out of the woodworks and call me a dumbass.

Alrighty, airhead.  

I love it. It’s so easy to get Ebron to reply. But dumb fuck… It’s “he’s”…. Moron…

Like… Thank you Ebron.. I needed something to blog about tonight and now I’ve got it.

And on top of that… Did his dumbass forgot that he played in Detroit???

 Good luck CATCHING Gronks record…. WON’T HAPPEN.

Also… One more.. Remember when he threw away an empty box.. Like no shit that’s what everyone does.

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