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Eric Bischoff’s Latest Digital Pimp-slap to “Dinosaur” Dave Meltzer

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Eric Bischoff and Dave Meltzer are at it again, with Eric Bischoff responding to a report by “Dinosaur” Dave on why Bischoff was released from his job as SmackDown Executive Director of Creative. Let’s take a look at the latest, beginning with the report that apparently set “Eazy E” off, thanks to a tweet from a fan alerting him to an old comment made by Meltzer.

Dave Meltzer and Eric Bischoff have been slinging mud at each other for decades.

Anyone who has followed the ongoing war between ATM Eric and Dinosaur Dave will recall Bischoff’s clarification concerning Meltzer after Baron Corbin called Meltzer “a cancer.”

Like many people in the industry, Bischoff has no use for Meltzer (and over time, fans have joined the industry in calling out his reporting). Nothing will ever compare to what Eazy E said about Meltzer in his memoir, Controversy Creates Cash

. It’s one of the greatest passages in any wrestling book.

I get a kick out of Meltzer’s site. He leads people to believe by logging on his site, you are going to get information on the headlines that he posts. All he really does is tease the reader with interesting headlines, while failing to deliver any real information. For that you have to buy the “news letter” that he brags “contains over 35,000 words.” The problem is, those 35,000 words are gramatically incorrect, run-on sentences that read like a fifth-grader wrote them. (197)

Don’t forget to check out Dinosaur Dave’s advice column!

This battle is one of those digital dust-ups that never get old and you can be sure Dinosaur Dave will try to extract some revenge by running some sort of hit-piece on Bischoff in the future either in his snoozeletter or his podcast.

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