Quarterbacks: Who’s No. 1? We’ll rank them.


32.) DeShone Kizer, Cleveland Browns

2017 stats: 15 games played. 255/476 passes, 53.3% completion, 2,894 yards, 6.1 ypa., 192.9 ypg., 11 TD’s, 22 INT’s / 77 car., 419 yds., 5.4 ypc., 5 TD’s 

What was set out to be the exciting beginning of a new era quickly turned sour in a nightmare season for the ages here in Cleveland. The No. 52 overall pick in the draft this past season out of Notre Dame struggled mightily and all of those lofty expectations went down like the Titanic.

The 21-year old quarterback simply was not ready to play in the NFL. Staring down receivers, making throws late and overall bad decision making led him to lead the league in picks thrown this year.

After losing all 15 of his starts, he is all but slated to start the 2018 season on the bench, new offensive coordinator Todd Haley may serve as Kizer’s saving grace in the long run.

31.) Trevor Simiean, Denver Broncos

2017 stats: 11 games played. 206/349 passes, 59.0% completion, 2,285 yards, 6.5 ypa., 207.7 ypg., 12 TD’s, 14 INT’s / 31 car., 127 yds., 4.1 ypc., 1 TD 

In a rare 5-11 season for the Denver Broncos, quarterback Trevor Simiean’s regression definitely had a lot to do with it.

After starting the season red hot with 7 TD passes through 3 weeks, he fizzled big time and had just 5 more the rest of the way. Denver is rebuilding their offensive line, yet still have elite playmakers like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to get the ball to. Simiean did a rather pedestrian job of that.

After splitting time with Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch, his time in the Mile High city doesn’t look like it will last too much longer after this season.

30.) Jay Cutler, Miami Dolphins

2017 stats: 14 games played. 266/429 passes, 62.0% completion, 2,666 yards, 6.2 ypa., 190.4 ypg., 19 TD’s, 14 INT’s

Albeit a slightly harsh rating, Jay Cutler came out of retirement prematurely to start for the Dolphins after they lost Ryan Tannehill to an ACL tear. He quietly went on to have one of his best seasons to date, but was largely average.

He got in shape quickly and won a couple of big games this year. His 14 games played, 62% completion, and 19 TD passes were the best marks he had posted since 2015.

That being said, I truly believe that this may have been his very last year as a starter. Tannehill is expected to make a full recovery and with Cutler being 34 years of age (and his god awful high price tag), he is a huge risk that teams will not take.

29.) Carson Palmer/Drew Stanton/Blaine Gabbert, Arizona Cardinals

Palmer’s 2017 stats: 7 games played. 164/267 passes, 61.4% completion, 1,979 yards, 7.4 ypa., 282.7 ypg., 9 TD’s, 7 INT’s

Stanton’s 2017 stats: 5 games played. 79/159 passes, 49.7% completion, 860 yards, 5.6 ypa., 178.0 ypg., 6 TD’s, 5 INT’s

Gabbert’s 2017 stats: 5 games played. 95/171 passes, 55.6% completion, 1,086 yards, 6.4 ypa., 217.2 ypg., 6 TD’s, 6 INT’s

The only trio to crack the list simply because they played nearly the same amount of games and left very little imprint on them. Carson Palmer exited the season after 7 injury riddled games with a concussion (in addition to an inflamed elbow), thus retiring shortly after.

Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert weren’t much to behold at all. Both of them were wildly unreliable and inconsistent, completing less than 60% of their passes. The quarterback situation is far from ideal in Arizona.

With former Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks in as the head coach, he and new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy will have to work dillengtly with one another to find a guy to add to the QB room to possibly supplant Stanton or Gabbert as the QB1 next year.


28.) Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

2017 stats: 12 games played. 196/330 passes, 59.4% completion, 2,193 yards, 6.6 ypa., 182.8 ypg., 7 TD’s, 7 INT’s / 41 car., 248 yds., 6.0 ypc., 2 TD’s 

The No. 2 overall pick in the draft out of the University of North Carolina was a pleasant surprise. He is a very accurate passer with solid arm strength and is very dangerous when using his legs.

The biggest problem with Trubisky is that he doesn’t stretch the field consistently. Granted, the Bears were void of talent at wide receiver for most of the season and their offensive line had their fair share of injuries. He still has above average arm strength and his unimpressive 6.7 yards per pass attempt are a clear sign that it hasn’t really been put to any use.

With former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their new head coach, I expect a huge jump from Trubisky in Year 2. A la Jared Goff in Los Angeles last year.

27.) Jacoby Brissett, Indianapolis Colts

2017 stats: 16 games played. 276/469 passes, 58.8% completion, 3,098 yards, 6.6 ypa., 193.6 ypg., 13 TD’s, 7 INT’s / 63 car., 260 yds., 4.1 ypc., 4 TD’s

Traded to Indianapolis from the Patriots Week 1 last year, Brissett was admirably solid and seated a way in over his head quarterback in former Wisconsin Badger Scott Tolzien. He showed great poise in the pocket, a very strong arm, and fantastic mobility.

The young man took a lot of heat for the 52 sacks he took this season, however. He tends to hold onto the ball a bit.

Andrew Luck will be back as their starter next year and back on everybody’s top quarterback list, I’m predicting. However, I don’t think the NFL has seen the final days of Jacoby Brissett starting.


26.) Eli Manning, New York Giants

2017 stats: 15 games played. 352/571 passes, 61.6% completion, 3,468  yards, 6.1 ypa., 231.2 ypg., 19 TD’s, 13 INT’s

Oh, boy. Father Time is starting to work his ways on Eli. Sure, the poor guy was stuck throwing to No. 3 and 4 wode receivers all year long (looking at y’all, Tavares King and Roger Lewis III) due to injuries to Odell Beckham Jr. & Brandon Marshall. His running backs aren’t talented. He had a guy named McAdoo as his head coach.

All of that put into consideration, Eli Manning faced pressure on just 29.2% of his throws according to Pro Football Focus. It was the 5th lowest mark in the league.

He can’t move as well as he once did and had the lowest completion percentage on throws 20 yards downfield of any quarterback in the NFL. I am sorry, but the Giants indeed need to move on.

25.) Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

2017 stats: 16 games played. 352/549 passes, 64.1% completion, 3,141 yards, 5.7 ypa., 196.3 ypg., 18 TD’s, 13 INT’s / 25 car., 54 yds., 2.2 ypc., 1 TD

The one-time Super Bowl hero in Super Bowl XLVII has fallen hard on a crash back to reality the past 4 seasons. He seems to be regain some of his Pro Bowl form back from years past, however.

Flacco’s final five games of the season are proof that he still has plenty left in the tank. He threw for 1,266 yards to go along with 9 TD’s and just 2 INT’s.

At the age of 33, however, it will not be long before the search for his replacement commences.


24.) Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

2017 stats: 16 games played. 315/523 passes, 60.2% completion, 3,687 yards, 7.0 ypa., 230.4 ypg., 21 TD’s, 13 INT’s / 57 car., 322 yds., 5.6 ypc., 2 TD’s

One of the biggest question marks coming into the 2017 NFL season, Blake Bortles had somewhat of a comeback year. In the process, he helped the Jacksonville Jaguars achieve their 1st playoff appearance (and win) since 2008.

He also played very admirably in the playoffs, not turning the ball over once and helping the Jaguars come within a minute of reaching Super Bowl LII.

While I fully expect him to be the starter for them next season, his mechanical issues and shortcomings will leave no one surprised if they move on from him in the near future.

23.) Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

2017 stats: 15 games played. 281/453 passes, 62.0% completion, 3,232 yards, 6.2 ypa., 215.5 ypg., 13 TD’s 15 INT’s / 60 car., 312 yds., 5.2 ypc., 5 TD’s

Seen to be one of the NFL’s brightest young stars for the first couple of seasons in the league, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft out of the University of Oregon fell hard on his backside and took MAJOR steps back this season.

This was the first season of which he accounted for more turnovers than touchdowns. Many players have sighted the Mike Mularkey led coaching staff as the culprit for Mariota’s bad season as they often would not let him run the no-huddle offense. Something he is very skilled at.

With Mike Vrabel in as the Titans head coach and Matt LaFleur as his new offensive coordinator, Super Mariota could be back in full effect next year. Let’s hope.

22.) Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

2017 stats: 15 games played. 263/420 passes, 62.6% completion, 2,799 yards, 6.9 ypa., 186.6 ypg., 14 TD’s, 4 INT’s / 84 car., 427 yds., 5.1 ypc., 4 TD’s

In his first three seasons as the Bills’ quarterback, he has thrown a mere 16 INT’s and helped the Bills end an 18-year playoff drought this past year despite being unceremoniously benched for rookie Nathan Peterman.

However, he was awful in the playoff game. He missed a number of open receivers during the course of the game and finished with a sub 50 completion percentage.

Taylor, given the slight success he has had in Buffalo is yet another QB on this list with a very uncertain future.

21.) Josh McCown, New York Jets

2017 stats: 13 games played. 267/397 passes, 67.3% completion, 2,926 yards, 7.4 ypa., 225.1 ypg., 18 TD’s, 9 INT’s / 37 car., 124 yds., 3.4 ypc., 5 TD’s

Wow. What can I say about Josh McCown? When you think he’s down and out, he just comes roaring back.

The 38-year old passer saved his absolute best for last by helping guide the ravenous, young Jets to a surprising 5-11 finish. He displayed top notch accuracy to match his top notch toughness.

The man posted career highs in almost every major statistical category and had the Jets fighting for a playoff spot in his 13 starts. Other than his elite play on the field this season, this guy continues to be the definiton of a consummate professional during his 15-year journeyman career.

While he hopes to resume his storybook career with the Jets, they seem to be in the process of moving on to younger options either in the draft or in free agency. If this is the final stop for Josh McCown, what a stop it was.


20.) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 291/492 passes, 59.1% completion, 3,302 yards, 6.7 ypa., 206.4 ypg., 22 TD’s, 16 INT’s / 139 car., 754 yds., 5.4 ypc., 6 TD’s 

Behold! Without question, Cam Newton is by far the streakiest quarterback in all of football. He has always been very capable of taking over any game on the ground or from the pocket, but he is horribly inconsistent.

Cam Newton started the season off red hot. However, the trade of Kelvin Benjamin to the Buffalo Bills, along with injuries to Greg Olsen and Curtis Samuel, undoubtedly led to a steep slide in production. It also led to the worst passing numbers of Newton’s career.

One of Newton’s biggest knocks against him has been his accuracy issues. New Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Norv Turner says can be fixed multiple ways.

19.) Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 297/496 passes, 59.9% completion, 3,320 yards, 6.7 ypa., 207.5 ypg., 25 TD’s, 12 INT’s 

Andy Dalton had an average year to his standards. Nonetheless taking into account all of the issues that the Bengals faced last season, the star quarterback thoroughly impressed with his resiliency and overall steady production.

The Bengals’ offensive line, running game and lack of receiving depth helped make this the worst of Dalton’s seven seasons. At least it ended well. He tied his third-highest passing touchdown total while throwing the third-lowest amount of interceptions in his career as well.

18.) Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

2017 stats: 13 games played. 282/442 passes, 63.8% completion, 3,504 yards, 7.9 ypa., 269.5 ypg., 19 TD’s, 11 INT’s / 33 car., 135 yds., 4.1 ypc., 1 TD

Through his first three seasons, Winston has shown the potential to become a long-term franchise quarterback.

A starter since his rookie year, Winston has thrown for 11,636 yards, the 3rd most through a player’s first three seasons in league history. Winston’s 69 touchdown passes are also the 7th most by an NFL quarterback through his first three seasons.

Winston missed time for the first time in his career due to a right shoulder ailment. However, he returned to set Buccaneer single-season records in yards per pass attempt (7.9) and 300-yard passing games with six.

17.) Jimmy Garopollo, San Francisco 49ers 

2017 stats: 6 games played. 120/178 passes, 67.4% completion, 1,560 yds., 8.8 ypa., 260.0 ypg., 7 TD’s, 5 INT’s 

A relatively new quarterback and perhaps the most interesting player on this list, Jimmy Garopollo is now 7-0 in games that he’s started. Not to mention that he is now the highest paid player in the NFL now.

Those questioning the small sample size or the lack of touchdowns are either not watching Garoppolo play or forgetting that the 49ers owned a offense that was absolutely DOA before he entered the lineup.

The 49ers scored 28.8 points per game under Garoppolo. They scored 17 points per tilt in games he did not start in 2017. The former New England Patriots backup immediately morphed the 49ers into one of the most enjoyable teams to watch down the stretch.

The 26-year-old gunslinger consistsntly and comfortably threw from odd angles during his starts with the 49ers. The presence of coach Kyle Shanahan should ensure Garoppolo’s fast start transfers to lasting success.  The fact that he lifted a 1-10 football team to five straight wins is just the tip of the iceberg of what this guy is capable of.

I’ll say it now. The 49ers will make the playoffs next year.

16.) Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders 

2017 stats: 15 games played. 323/515 passes, 62.7% completion, 3,496 yards, 6.8 ypa., 233.1 ypg., 22 TD’s, 13 INT’s 

It got really dark down the stretch for the 4th year pro from Fresno State. Derek Carr rarely appeared to be on the same page as his receivers or his coaching staff. He was too quick to throw quick passes on third-and-long.

He looked hesitant to throw downfield at times, lacked mobility until late in the season and appeared nothing like the near-MVP quarterback of his third season. Jon Gruden was the first one to publicly concede that Carr’s three back fractures suffered in Week 4 would be a reasonable justification for this season’s struggles.

15.) Case Keenum, Minnesota Vikings 

2017 stats: 15 games played. 325/481 passes, 57.6% completion, 3,547 yards, 7.4 ypa., 236.5 ypg., 22 TD’s, 7 INT’s / 40 car., 160 yds., 4.0 ypc., 1 TD

The biggest shock and surprise in the NFL during 2017, Case Keenum is preparing for what appears to be a very fruitful off season. He went from being a Jeff Fisher burnout to a hot commodity amongst upcoming free agents with career numbers across the board.

Keenum’s ability to keep plays alive before finding receivers late in the down was a surprising joy to watch all season. The ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ against the Saints in the playoffs was the stamp to his brilliant season.

Even after completing his passes at a career rate, he still suffered accuracy issues from time to time. It still remains to be seen if he can handle the pressures of being a QB1 going forward.


14.) Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 308/490 passes, 62.9% completion, 3,324 yards, 6.5 ypa., 207.8 ypg., 22 TD’s, 13 INT’s / 57 car., 357 yds., 6.3 ypc., 6 TD’s

The Cowboys’ passing game was a mild-mannered attack that did not readily suit Dak Prescott’s terrific deep-ball ability. Prescott played tentatively down the stretch. After throwing only 4 INT’s all of 2016, he tripled his total this year in what would prove to be a sophomore slump of a season.

He has shown more than enough positives to believe in his potential long-term. However, expect Jerry Jones to come with changes to the coaching staff and personnel.

13.) Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams 

2017 stats: 15 games played. 296/477 passes, 62.1% completion, 3,804 yards, 8.0 ypa., 253.6 ypg., 28 TD’s 7 INT’s 

After being written off as a bust in 2016, Jared Goff had somewhat of an NFL epiphany. He was very efficient and accurate, but the coaching job by Sean Mcvay deserves a share of the credit.

Goff’s accuracy drops from 7th all the way down to 26th when under pressure, according to Pro Football Focus. He also struggles often when forced to move off his spot. He is not the most agile fellow in the world.

The 23-year-old is mature beyond his years and just so happens to be the conductor of one of the NFL’s best offenses. There’s room to grow, which is scary for the rest of the league.

12.) Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans 

2017 stats: 7 games played. 126/204 passes, 61.8% completion, 1,699 yards, 8.3 ypa., 242.7 ypg., 19 TD’s, 8 INT’s / 36 car., 269 yds., 7.5 ypa., 2 TD’s

My heart sank to the floor after hearing the news about his torn ACL back in late October. Watson was like a boost to the NFL that wore off too soon. The rest of the NFL world would watch as Tom Savage failed to provide any hope or magic whatsoever filling in for the former National Champion.

The No. 12 overall pick in the draft this past season out of the University of Clemson was eight TD passes away from breaking the rookie record and set the NFL on fire before leaving in agonising defeat.

Hopefully the young stud comes back stronger than ever and healthy for a shot at redemption in 2018.


11.) Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs 

2017 stats: 15 games played. 341/505 passes, 67.5% completion, 4,042 yards, 8.0 ypa., 269.5 ypg., 26 TD’s, 5 INT’s / 60 car., 355 yds., 5.9 ypc. 1 TD

Smith was recently traded to the Washington Redskins for a 3rd round  pick and slot corner Kendall Fuller after what was the best year of his 13-year pro career.

He turned his deep ball from a weakness to a strength. His newly channeled downfield aggression was rewarded with a league-leading passer rating on throws of 20-plus yards.

Smith led the league in interception percentage and still makes plays on third down with his feet and runs like the Dickens.

10.) Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 347/540 passes, 64.3% completion, 4,093 yds., 7.6 ypa., 255.8 ypg., 27 TD’s, 13 INT’s / 49 CAR., 179 YDS., 3.7 YPC., 4 TD’s

Yes. Kirk Cousins has finally arrived as a top 10 quarterback. So why in the hell did the Redskins trade for an again Alex Smith? The answer? Simple. It’s because of money.

After a season that proved Cousins rose above the meridian dividing quarterback question marks from franchise solutions, Kirk Cousins is slated to be one of the many big fish that clubs hope to reel in this off season. Big fish reel in big bucks. Big bucks that Washington clearly did not want to fork over.

After three straight years of throwing for more than 4,000 yards and completing over 64% of his passes, Cousins is primed for a huge payday and very well may receive a deal higher than that of Jimmy Garopollo.

9.) Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 342/529 passes, 64.7% completion, 4,095 yards, 7.7 ypa., 255,9 ypg., 20 TD’s, 12 INT’s / 32 car., 143 yds., 4.5 ypc.

After lighting up the NFL last season en route to winning league MVP, Matt Ryan was hit by bad luck this season. Dropped passes turning into interceptions was the narrative for the most of the year, despite having a brilliant coordinator turning into Steve Sarkisian.

It’s very possible that Ryan lacks some of the traits that separate starting quarterbacks from Hall of Famers. Other than 2016, he has never really dominated the game at any point in his career. His numbers tend to fluctuate and he is not very consistent.

8.) Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 371/565 passes, 65.7% completion, 4,446 yards, 7.9 ypa., 277.9 ypg., 29 TD’s, 10 INT’s / 29 car., 98 yds., 3.4 ypc.

Offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter is part of the growth, but Stafford deserves credit for harnessing his talent. With Matt Patricia in as the Lions’ new head coach, his job becomes that much easier having a prime commodity under center to build his team around.

The Lions will be challenged to not only improve their last ranked rushing offense. They’ll also need to improve on defense this year, because a top-10 quarterback in his prime like Matt Stafford clearly is would be a terrible thing to waste.

7.) Phillip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 360/575 passes, 62.6% completion, 4,515 yards, 7.9 ypa., 282.2 ypg., 28 TD’s, 10 INT’s

This was a frustratingly typical Rivers season. His special teams teammates prevented at least three wins (particularly a kicker whose misleading name shall not be mentioned). Rivers’ masterful play down the stretch, however was interrupted by mental errors in decisive losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs.

A young group of skill players along with developing consistency within their offensive system will provide a slight glimmer of hope that Phillip Rivers still has one last playoff run in him. This year could be the last time we see Rivers suiting up as an NFL quarterback .

6.) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers 

2017 stats: 15 games played. 360/561 passes, 64.2% completion, 4,251 yards, 7.6 ypa., 283.4 ypg., 28 TD’s, 14 INT’s

After a five-interception performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, many wondered if Roethlisberger’s goose was finally cooked. Instead, he was the league’s best quarterback during the second half of the season.

His improvement on touch passes has made up for any loss of scrambling ability. His play down the stretch including the playoffs against Jacksonville proved that he is still one of most prolific passers in the NFL today.


5.) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 339/553 passes, 61.3% completion, 3,983 yards, 7.2 ypa., 258.9 ypg., 34 TD’s, 11 INT’s / 95 car., 586 yds., 6.2 ypc., 3 TD’s

The Seattle Seahawks had a unstable offense by the final month of the season. Quarterback Russell Wilson was constantly running into pressure and was often caught holding the ball too long or leaving the pocket early.

The Seahawks offense asks Wilson to do way too much. The weight of carrying the group wears on the 6-year player from North Carolina State like it did late in the season during his otherwise brilliant campaign.

4.) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers


2017 stats: 7 games played. 154/238 passes, 64.7% completion, 1,675 yards, 7.0 ypa., 239.3 ypg., 16 TD’s, 6 INT’s / 24 car., 126 yds., 5.3 ypc.

Injured or not, the NFL’s Houdini is still far and away, without a doubt, no question whatsoever in my mind the most talented quarterback in the NFL. Otherwise, he very well may have challenged for the top spot.

The 13-year veteran from California played well in his 7 starts for the Green and Gold last season. He posted a solid 8:3 TD to INT ratio before a broken collarbone he suffered against the Minnesota Vikings led to the end of his season.

3.) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 386/536 passes, 72.2% completion, 4,334 yds., 8.1 ypa., 271 ypg., 23 TD’s, 8 INT’s

There’s really not that much to say about Drew Brees that hasn’t already been said. He has been an absolute godsend for the New Orleans Saints for over a decade and remains at the absolute peak of his game at the ripe age of 38.

In a stunning change of offensive balance exhibited this year by the Saints,  Drew Brees attempted 137 fewer passes than a year ago. Brees racks up yards because of the Saints’ screen game, but his intermediate and deep throws were where they needed to be.

2.) Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles 

2017 stats: 13 games played. 265/440 passes, 60.2% completion, 3,296 yards, 7.5 ypa., 253.5 ypg., 33 TD’s, 7 INT’s / 64 car., 299 yds., 4.7 ypc.

My pick for Most Valuable Player had he not injured his knee Week 14 against the Los Angeles Rams. The second year phenom was far and away the NFL’s most improved player from last season.

As the main catalyst to an Eagles team that nearly doubled their win total, Carson Wentz TD pass total also doubled and he absolutely flourished under Doug Pederson in a sophomore season for the ages.

Even though the Eagles currently reign superior over the NFL in large thanks to their reliable, starting caliber backup quarterback Nick Foles, this team belongs to No. 11 and he will be back in the fold once he returns from his injury.

1.) Tom Brady, New England Patriots 

2017 stats: 16 games played. 385/581 passes, 66.3% completion, 4,577 yards, 7.9 ypa., 286.1 ypg., 32 TD’s, 8 INT’s

As DESPERATELY as I wanted to put Carson Wentz in this spot, there is absolutely no way you can deny the greatness that is Thomas Edward Brady.

He had an “average” year by his standards while making an unprecendented 8th trip to the Super Bowl, albeit in defeat.

His QB rating under pressure was 96.6 according to Pro Football Focus.

The loss in Super Bowl LII puts the quarterback at a very respectable 5-3 record in the Super Bowl. Nonetheless with 505 passing yards and 3 TD’s on the game’s biggest stage, he has further cemented his legacy as the greatest quarterback of all time.

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