EMBRACE DEBATE: Is Tyreek Hill The Best Deep Threat Ever?

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Now, what is a “Deep Threat” you may ask. A Deep Threat can be identified as anyone who is seen as a threat when they are deep down field, whether that be for their ball seeking abilities or the fact that they are just flat out faster than anyone else on the field.

Pro Football Focus released this quote from, Anthony Treash and I’m here to dispute his claims. While Hill may have burners on him and is able to torch defenses at times let’s not get things twisted. He is a GOOD deep threat not the best of all time. That title belongs to Mr. LongBall himself, DeSean Jackson.

Now, people on the internet have had their opinion today and it seems like many claim Randy Moss to be the best “Deep Threat”, but it’s not. It’s DeSean Jackson. Jackson has by far the most touchdown receptions of 60+ yards. Jackson quite literally made his namesake in the NFL for just being fast as shit and having great ball tracking abilities. Hill, while he may be fast doesn’t possess the same alur that Jackson demanded. Jackson never got to play with a Pat Mahomes calibur QB he had to figure it out and it did it with many different teams/QB’s.

I’m all for these brandish takes but we got to get better headshots of these guys before we post them PFF.

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