Elon Musk To Create City – Starbase, Texas a community planned to be incorporated in Cameron County, Texas

According to a tweet posted by Elon Musk he is planning on creating a NEW city! How often do you hear that in 2021? I’d have to say not too often.

Musk is reportedly creating a city, Starbase, which will be in Cameron County, Texas.

A Wikipedia page about the City: Starbase, Texas is a community planned to be incorporated in Cameron County, Texas in the near future. It will include the land of the unincorporated Boca Chica Village

 and the land of the nearby SpaceX South Texas launch site.

Would you move to Starbase? Or will it be a city filled with Elons? Maybe this is what we need a futuristic town?

Elron Musk announced he’s moving to Texas in late 2020 and three months into 2021 he is creating his own city!

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