Elon Musk Just Endorsed Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy For Office?! – @stoolpresidente

Entreprenuer Elon Musk has spoke out about his opinon on being on lockdown and he shares very similar opinon with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports.

Elon Musk endorsed tech entreprenuer Anrew Yang while he was running for President of the United States, now Musk wants Dave Portnoy to run for a position in office?

I’m a huge Yang fan and I’m a huge Portnoy guy! Musk… You’re a smart man.

Last night Dave posted a video explaining his opinion and how he doesn’t find it fair that we flattened the curve, now we have to find a cure.

Musk followed up today with a tweet back at Portnoy, telling him that he should run for office!

Little does Elon know, Portnoy has ran for office.

In 2013, he launched a campaign to become the Mayor of Boston. The campaign didn’t end up being too successful.

Less than 10 years later and he’s being endorsed by Elon Musk? Go Pres Go!


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