El Presidente To Be Next US President? Is “Portnoy 2024” A Reality? The Answer Is Yes!

As all of you know by now, Dave Portnoy is the Founder and President of media conglomerate, Barstool Sports. Portnoy is much more than a media mogul though.

He is an expert pizza reviewer and has been dubbed the “King of Pizza.” Nobody knows pizza better than him. He named New Haven the Pizza Capital of the World and basically put Old Forge, PA on the map.

He is the greatest baseball player to ever not make it to MLB (due to an injury). He would otherwise be a hall of fame contender.

The man will without question go down as the greatest player to every play Spikeball” on the beach. Legit, nobody is better. He is to Spikeball what Tom Brady is to the NFL.

He is a world class fight promoter as he oversees each and every Barstool sponsored Rough N Rowdy events. Don King doesn’t have cr

Portnoy is a best selling author and has more knowledge on sharks than a Marine Biologist. In 2016, he sold the following book and unfortunately never won the Pulitzer Prize that he deserved.

Portnoy is also a financial guru as every weekday morning he launches “Davey Day Trader Global” where you can watch him discuss stocks and cryptocurrency once the opening bell sounds. Portnoy went as far as endorsing cryptocurrency SafeMoon and will likely drive prices to the moon so he can be responsible for making a thousands upon thousands of people millionaires.

He has a smoking hot girlfriend that Stoolies worldwide could simply wish they could have a chance with.

During the global pandemic, Portnoy helped save a multitude of businesses by giving them cash infusions through the Barstool Fund that he created. People across the world make donations to the fund and Portnoy would identify businesses that he thought were worthy of said cash infusions.

When it comes down to it, I cannot list all of his accomplishments. There just isn’t enough time in the day to list everything he has done, the scucesses he has had and the impact he has made on human beings across the world.

At this point, what can Dave Portnoy not do? After being told numerous times that he would never be able to launch Barstool to the heights it is currently at, he proved all off his naysayers wrong by putting his nose to the grindstone and ultimately growing a media empire.

So the question isn’t what can he not do. The question is, what will he do next?

Truth be told, I think Dave Portnoy could run for President. I also think he could win in a landslide, regardless of who he is up against.

He has the media backing and I can only imagine could garner large donations from corporations. Portnoy is the kind of guy that would not put up with any bullshit and would make for a great candidate. His experience with Dave Day Trader Global gives him the right experience to oversee a global economy. The bottom line is, he would be a well rounded independent candidate that could easily become our next President of the United States.

So tell me dear readers, what do you think about Portnoy running for the highest office? And who do you see as his potential running mate? Comment in the Twitter feed!


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