Edmonton Oilers Colby Cave put into Medically Induced Coma due to a Brain Bleed

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A scary incident has occured in the Edmonton Oilers organization. The good news is, it has nothing to due with COVID-19. The bad news, the Oilers Colby Cave, is in a medically induced coma, fighting for his life at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto due to a brain bleed.

Since this report has come out of Edmonton, Cave went through emergency surgery. Doctors removed a colloid cyst, which was causing pressure on his brain.

After doing some quick research, I’ve found that a colloid cyst is essentially like a blood clot, but instead of blocking blood flow, it’s blocking cerebral spinal fluid. Below, I am including a link to a page from the Pacific Neuroscience Institute’s website that talks all about colloid cysts for anyone who would want more information on what they are.

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