ECHL Brawl Breaks Out, Goalies Involved

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Finally, a good old fashioned hockey brawl. Some fans might not think that fighting is good for the game, and the NHL, along with other leagues, have certainly tried to limit the severity and how often it happens, but it definitely gets us fired up when the refs really just let it fly and work itself out.

In the ECHL last night, an awesome brawl erupted between the Toledo Walleye and the Kansas City Mavericks. Take a look at the video below:

The fight started when this cheap shot came in by Garrett Klotz. Pretty dirty if you ask me, and definitely worth whatever penalty minutes ensued.

We definitely need to see more of this in hockey, and props to the goalies for putting on a good show. The Walleye ended up with the biggest catch of the night however, winning the game 5-0.

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