EA Sports NCAA Football is BACK

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Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm. STAY FUCKING CALM. But it might actually be happening. After years and years of anticipation, it looks like EA Sports NCAA Football might actually be coming back. Look what EA just tweeted.

EA hasn’t provided any detail yet, but this would be the biggest troll job of all time if they tweeted this out and didn’t have any intention of bringing the game back. There’s definitely a chance that this is just some bullshit add-on to Madden, but I’m definitely holding out hope that the actual game is gonna be coming out again. If it doesn’t, twitter world needs to band together on EA’s ass and make what happened on Wallstreet this past week look like child’s play.

This might be the most highly anticipated Video Game reboot ever. Like, the erection we’re all gonna have when starting up a road to glory for the first time in 5 years is gonna be insurmountable. I’ll be counting down the days until this thing finally comes back out, and I cant believe I’m saying this but, thanks EA!

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