Dylan Smith Takes a Hit in a Wreck Walks Away With a Smile

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In a building known for clash of titans, there was a clash that rivals even Smoking Joe Frazier Vs Muhammad Ali.

Might have been as awe-inspiring as when Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka leaped on to his opponent from the top of a 15’ steel cage.

This clash involved 19-year-old bull rider Dylan Smith from Ararat, VA when he was facing Mickey Mouse (1-5) during round two of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) Monster Energy Buck Off At The Garden and it captured what these cowboys are willing to endure for the pride to say they rode a beast for 8-seconds.

Watch the ride, wreck and celebration below:

The amazing part is Dylan walked away from the wreck smiling, tried to the crowd pumped and was a little reminiscent of Uriah Faber as he was waving to the fans in a sold-out Madison Square Garden when headed back to the locker room after the spectacular tussle with the beast.

This video shows just why the sport of bull riding is the toughest sport on dirt – or any other sport for that matter – and the crazy cowboys who do this, are not guaranteed million-dollar contracts. There are no downside guarantees or seven-figure payouts unless they ride and score high enough to win a world championship.

For some of these cowboys, it is not so much about the money, it is about the pride and being able to push oneself to do what they are told is the impossible. Ride a fearsome beast for 8-seconds and be able to say they did just that, something a lot of people in society are unable to do. These cowboys chase their dreams 8-seconds at a time. It’s not ballet and there is no plan other than making the whistle.

Dylan Smith is just one of the many cowboys who make up the ranks of the PBR and the ride in this video shows why these athletes – both human and bovine – are the toughest in the world.

Good luck to you Dylan!

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