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Duke Aka The Elephant Man – The Famous Miami Dolphins/Nascar Beerman Has Sadly Passed Away

We’ve learned that Darryl ‘Duke’ Johnson whose grown fame in Miami for yelling “ICE COLD BEER HERE” and being the most friendly beerman in the game has sadly passed away.

From being at Miami Dolphins games from the last 20+ years to flying out to Nascar events to be a beerman for them. There was no one like the 5 foot 8, 246 pound body like a keg, Duke Johnson. He would show up to any event asked to do, from football, baseball, to regular events – there was no one like this beerman.

Some of the quotes that stand out from Johnson before he passed away are:

“I keep more ice than I keep beer. You can’t find a vendor who has more ice than I do.”

“I learned that you’ll never become rich in money, you become rich in love, so whatever you fall in love with, that’s where the richness comes from.”

As social media has learned out the sad passing of Johnson, people went ahead and shared images they had with the beerman:

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