Druski’s IG Live is The Funniest Thing Right Now @Druski2Funny

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Druski maybe the funniest man of the Internet his sketch comedy skills are on another level and he is someone that can always make me laugh. I saw that he was trending on Twitter and I saw he was clowning people on Instagram Live and it might be the funniest thing that I have seen in a while.

I feel like I am robbing him by being able to watch this for free, I mean he is straight up violating some people. This is crazy, the entertainment value has been through the roof and the laughs keep coming.

The fact this man has not been given his own comedy sketch show is criminal. I really hope he is writing for a show or something right now and he has plans in the works to land a pilot series or something because this man is too funny!

Thank you for providing great entertainment tonight Druski! Certainly has made my night!

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