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Drew Brees Targeted by ‘Cancel Mob’ After Comments Regarding Kneeling For National Anthem

It’s a strange world out there nowadays, especially regarding the protests and riots in the aftermath of African American man George Floyd’s murder in hands of police custody.

However, the cancel culture mob and fellow athletes are going after future Hall-of-Famer and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees after comments on kneeling for the United States’ national anthem.

Brees said in an interview and in a respectful manner, that he would personally ‘never agree’ with anyone who kneels for the country’s anthem.

After many fans and fellow athletes heard about Brees’ comments, they weren’t happy at all. LeBron James, Emmanuel Sanders and even his own teammate, wide receiver Michael Thomas, spoke out loudly opposing the comments.

I may be in the middle here, but this could end up being a bad look for the quarterback after seeing how everyone is reacting and expressing their views after the events that happened in Minneapolis.

It’s a good guess at this point that Brees will be apologizing for his comments, just as Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio did earlier today.

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