Draymond Green Has No Problem With Checking Your Phone On The Bench… Hey Idiot

It’s been a minute since I’ve used the word idiot. The last person I called an idiot was probably Eric Ebron. And yesterday everyone seen Amir Johnson check his cell phone on his bench and (if you didn’t I’ve got it for you just click here) and guess who is sticking up for him? Draymond Green.

Everyone is always checking social media throughout the day we don’t need players tweeting during the middle of the game. Imagine what tweets Draymond would be firing off about referees in the middle of games? It would be ridiculous.

I could have seen him defending Amir if he brought up th at Amir was checking it because his daughter was sick, but to say you’re okay with players checking their phone? Lol.

Are you serious? Lol. Idiot. Have you assistant coaches carry it. Check it at halftime or go to the locker-room. Now we’re going to see middle schoolers and high school players trying to bring cell phones on the bench. Hey idiot, you’re an NBA player that has millions of people engaged in the sport….

I understand his daughter was sick but there are different ways than this. Have your coach behind you check it or walk to the locker room. And to have Joel looking at it surely didn’t help, should have told him to stand up quick and get in the way so he could check it.

Sucks that the camera caught him because I don’t think players do this often. I hope his daughter gets better.

But … come on Draymond, idiot.

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