Drama In The NBA John Wall And Russell Westbrook Go At It

DRAMA in the NBA tonight! John Wall and Russell Westbrook seemed to get in a verbal altercation tonight resulting in a double technical for both players. It is funny too see these two go at it because of course they were traded for one another. It is also funny to see John Wall clapping in the background while Westbrook shots his free throws.

I can say this Russell doesn’t want to see John Wall off the court and I can promise you that. Westbrook was talking tough because he knows because of COVID protocols he can say whatever he want because Wall can’t follow him too his locker room. Also why does Russell Westbrook always mad? He seems to have a problem with everyone my man came out of the womb angry it seems like I mean relax a little Brodie.

I love drama in the NBA that is what makes it great. I would also love to know what the fight was about but I am sure we will not find out. A man can dream I guess.

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