Drake Announces His 6th Studio Album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Dropping January 2021. The Trailer Already Has People in Their Feels. #CertifiedLoverBoy

NEW DRAKE ALERT! Drake announces his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy’ is dropping in January 2021! Any Drake news is big news and this trailer has people super excited for new music from the “GOAT.” Love him or hate him you listen to him no if ands or buts about it. This will be the most anticipated album of next year no question. Drake without a doubt is the biggest name in rap no matter what he is the LeBron James or Michael Jordan of the hip-hop industry.


Fans are already in their feelings over the news and watching the trailer for this album. The hype certainly is real and I can’t imagine if this album will live up to the hype that has been already created.

This album certainly seems like it is going to be about the growth and evolution of Drake over the years that he has been an artist and may be will be about where he is going as far as his music career is concerned. It is super cool to see him recreate some of his most iconic album covers and seems to be a call of what is to come.


I can’t imagine how good this album is going to be or if their is any features this announcement seemed to come out of the blue and is actually some good news. We will have to wait and see! More updates to come.

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