Draft Preview: Interview With Devin Bush | Predicted 2019 First Round Pick

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There is only a couple day’s left till the NFL draft and we need more content so I went through my interview with Devin Bush from February 15th and put it into text. The audio version is available above and at the bottom.

And if you don’t know who Devin is you can watch his highlight tape here:

T: I’m excited to welcome on a very special guest, probably the hardest hitter entering this years NFL draft, his dad played in the NFL as well, they’re both a couple of bad asses, from the University of Michigan soon to be first round pick, Devin Bush… How’s it going man?

D: How you doing Trevor? Nice to speak to you.

T: I appreciate you taking your time, I know you have a busy schedule, how has the process been over the past month?

D: The process is surreal, you catch yourself looking back at the time you spent in school and time you spent in high school, everything you put in to get to this point, and you’re finally working for your dream. Less than a couple more weeks and you’re going to fullfil your dream. You’re going to do the things you’ve been dreaming of doing.

T: Right now in the process are you talking to any NFL teams? Are you communicating in anyway?

D: Yeah, they’ll call your phone, they’ll shoot your text. They’ll get in contact with your agent. They just want to talk to you and have a little chat and know your background and where you come from, know what your goals are in life and what you look for in football and in life.

T: If you were to say you improved on something since the end of the season, or the last couple of months… what would you say you improved on?

D: My leadership. Coming in as a sophomore I played with a fifth year senior. He kind of had it. I was just feeding on him and once I got my chance, I kind of just took over. I feel like I improved a lot by my leadership and leading by example and being that guy that guys look up to, or look for you know for confidence if they’re going into a big game and looking for someone to play there best.

T: Your dad played he played the NFL as well, former first round pick, I think he was the 26th pick are you battling? Are you like listen here dad I’m going to be picked before the 26th pick? Are you guys butting heads?

D: Yeah, we talked about it. Me and my mom talk about potentially being picked before him so he can’t have more say so in the household or he can’t walk around bragging anymore we trying to beat him, me and my mom. But deep down I know he wants the same thing.

T: Was it mainly football growing up then? Or was there any other sports?

D: It was kind of mainly football. I played baseball and basketball as a kid. But it was mainly football. I’ve been wanting to play since I was 3 years old. Football has always been my love.

T: Junior year you miss the State Championship, senior year you win it all. Can you take me through that?

D: It was crazy. Senior year was a crazy year for me. It was just up and down. You just didn’t know what to expect. At one point we almost didn’t have a program. We were battling with that, and we had some losses during the regular season. But once we got there we made it through the playoffs and made it to state and that’s all she wrote.

T: What did your dad say to you after the game?

D: There was a clip of it. I ran over to him. He basically gave me a big hug and said he was proud of me and that he loved me. I told him he was the best coach and best dad that I could ever have.

T: That kind of brings us to the decision to attend Michigan. You could have stayed in Florida, in the warm. But instead you came to Michigan, see I’m from the U.P it is freezing cold up here. I don’t know how it is by you, but it’s freezing cold here. What went into that decision? Was it Jim Harbaugh climbing up your window?

D: Michigan was different for me. I didn’t know to much about Michigan. My dad actually wanted to visit Michigan when he was getting recruited but he never got the chance to. Once Michigan was like come out, my dad was like please, “please tell them yes so I can go see Michigan. You don’t have to like to school we can go there and brush them off. I just want to go see Michigan.” I didn’t really want to at first but he got me there and it blew me away. I felt at home.

T: Stat wise it didn’t seem hard to adjust from HS to college but what did you have to work on the most to adjust from HS to college?

D: Being consistent that was a big thing and saying hungry. You can get into college and you get all nice of things you never had compared to playing in high school. You have a name on the back of your jersey, gear coming your way, you can lose sight of why you’re really there. You can be like I’m in college I’m going to have fun, I’m going to party. You can lose sight fast. And knowing why you got there in the first place.

T: You were able to play at the big house, go through the fuck Ohio State fuck Michigan State deal. You guys played Michigan State this past year they come out with there arms locked you take disrespect to that as you should, tear up there field a little bit, everyone in maze-in blue loved it. What was going through your mind, was it disrespect?

D: Yeah man, it was total disrespect. Obviously they beat us the year before and they ran around the entire field and they were talking smack on twitter or whatever they were doing during the off-season so when the time came I was all ready for it. And to pull that act, we took that as disrespect. What was going through my mind? You’re not about to disrespect my team and the work we put in because we’re here and you’ve got to play us. And you’re going to pull an act before the game even starts? I’m going to pull one with you guys. That’s what I did. I felt disrespected and felt like I had to stand up for my team.

T: Rashan Gary college teammate of yours, said he’s the best player going into this years draft… Give you more of a chip on your shoulder?

D: Yeah, he’s a good player man. He’s different. He’s a guy who has grit. The brother in me is like yeah, great. But the competitor in me is like yeah, keep talking. But that’s my brother. He’s one of the best players in this years draft.

T: Growing up what team did you follow?

D: I never really liked the NFL growing up. I always dreamed of playing college football and being able to go to college for real. I wasn’t the greatest person in school, I wasn’t going to go to Michigan for my grades, not saying they’re bad. I’ve wanted to be apart of a tradition. The NFL came later on when it started looking like a possibility.

T: What type of role is your dad playing right now? He just guiding you?

D: Yeah, he’s been doing that role since I was 3 years old. He’s my biggest fan, my coach, my father, my brother, my mentor, and my biggest critic at most. He’s going to give me the best advice he can from his experience. He has done the things I’ve wanted to do. He’s always on my right side, he’s always on my hips.

T: Devin, I don’t want to keep you on too long. I look forward to having you on again and huge shoutout to Brittany from BG Sports for hooking this interview up.

Devin: I appreciate you having me on.

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