Don’t Overthink Your Fantasy Football Draft

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When it comes to fantasy football we have all made a mistake or two, or three, or four. Fantasy football is a game of luck that’s disguised in strategy, when it comes down to it you’re not a general manager you are a educated gambler. One week your bench could put up more points than your starters and another week your star could put up more points than your bench combined. It really is an interesting game that we play. This is my 9th fantasy season I’m a player and the commissioner so my job is twice as hard. My league drafts next Sunday, I’m here to tell you to stop all the research, mock drafts, and number crunching. Just take a deep breath and hear me out, the draft is not that important.

In 2018 I was prepping very hard for the draft I mean you would have thought I had the secret formula for the krabby patty. I had a plan to win the championship and the draft that night, in my mind the move that I planned to make in the 4th round to the key to my success. I decided that I was going to draft the Jaguars defense in the 4th round, that was the key to my championship winning vehicle, boy was I wrong! How can you blame me? I won a championship on the backs of the 2015 Cardinals defense and you know what they say, “defense wins championships”. The Jags had come off that magical run and I believed there was something there. It started off great honestly, the Jags started 3-1 that season. Then things got very ugly very fast. The Jaguars went on to lose seven straight games, during that losing streak they gave up 167 points. After Dallas 40 pieced them week six I decided it was time to drop them. 2018 is the only year I’ve missed the playoffs, my season was ruined on draft night, you know why? I took it too seriously and drafted a team that wasn’t even valuable for trade.

In order to be successful in fantasy football you obviously need a good base, so draft a couple studs top build around, but trades and the waiver wire are the bread and butter. There have been so many times where a trade completely turned my season around. Then you never know the next big thing could be sitting out there wanting too be picked up after the draft. The point I’m trying to make is don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to have a great draft just have fun and be smart. Biggest thing about draft night is do not look at your site’s prediction for your season or your draft grade, they do not matter! As the season gets closer I’ll be dropping more fantasy gems.

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