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Don’t Miss: TODAY October 8th – U.P (Calumet Theatre) To Be Featured On Travel Channel’s Most Most Terrifying Places

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The Calumet Theatre is scheduled to be appearing on Travel Channel’s ‘Most Terrifying Places in America,’ according to articles from the Keweenaw Report and WLUC-TV 6. 

The featured episode will center around a tale about an actress who’s ghost (supposedly) still lingering around the old theatre. 

“Madame Modjeska, who performed here at the theater, it’s rumored that her ghost still lingers here,” Marlin Lee said. 

Lee, who is the Executive Director of the Calumet Theatre, said he was approached back in the spring by the network and they asked if they can do a segment there as part of their ‘Ghostober’ lineup. 

“They were interested in doing a segment for one of their paranormal shows here at the Calumet Theatre, which of course has long been rumored to be haunted,” Lee said. 

As far as the current state of the theatre, Lee has not encountered the ghost at present day, but he strongly believes that a few others have encountered the spirit.

“They’ve heard music coming from the ballroom when no one was supposed to be playing in there, to seeing shadowy figures, and walking into cold spots that weren’t cold before. There’s all kinds of stories as far as the paranormal and potential ghosts go here,” said Lee via TV-6.

You can view the episode of the theatre TODAY October 8 at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel. 

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