Don’t Blink The Knicks Are 5-3

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The Knicks faced off against the Utah Jazz tonight and were down as much as 18 points but this team DOES NOT QUIT. The Knicks have just won three straight games against playoff teams and are undefeated in the New Year. Austin Rivers closed out the game tonight scoring 14 straight points flashing some of his HoopsMixsTapeDays you got to love this team! They are the comeback kids and refuse to die. You cannot say enough about this team so far this year and we owe a lot of the success to this coaching staff and Tom Thibodeau. I mean this is so much fun to watch a competitive basketball team night in and night out.

I love this team, the energy and chemistry is everything! For once it seems like they have a great group of guys and they all seem to enjoy each other! For all the injuries this Knicks team has faced early on they could have had every excuse lined up if they did not have a successful start but nope they have had this next man up mentality and have played great ball.

We as Knicks fans owe Julius Randle a huge apology he is an outstanding talent and has been awesome this year. He has always been talented but the leap he has made this season is outstanding by far the most improved player this season so far and he should be the early MVP contender. Obviously it is way to early to tell how the rest of the season is going to play out but you have to excited if you are a Knicks fan! New York basketball is back and it is a good feeling so far! This Knicks team man!

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