Don’t bite the hand that feeds you (@LouMalnatis) makes a big mistake leaving Dave Portnoy out of their ‘pizza party’ for The Last Dance watch party. | @stoolpresidente

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Barstool founder Dave Portnoy is the most influential man in the world when it comes to pizza and its not even close. During this quarantine pizza companies have been sending him an enormous amounts of pizza to do reviews of their frozen pizza and again it is can’t miss content. The pizza king has been on a tear and honestly I don’t know how big his freezer is because he is just getting a ridiculous amount of frozen pizza at this point. But I digress Dave did a review from Lou Malnati which is considered to be the ‘oldest name’ in Chicago pizza and gave them an 8.4 which is the highest score out of any of the frozen pizza reviews so far. So what do they do after this score? Screw Dave over and not invite him to their watch party for The Last Dance documentary but give a frozen pizza to Taylor Rooks.

Dave was not happy to say the least and rightfully so.

Lou Malnatis denies they had anything to do with this promotion and they intend to send Dave an invite. El Pres had other ideas as he demanded them to feed all of his large employees or how he refers to them as his ‘offensive line’ and ‘units’

The moral of this story is don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Dave is easily the most influential man on the planet when it comes to pizza and with one click of a bottom he can have your business going through the roof or he can screw your business up forever. Don’t cross the man.

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