Don’t Be The $5 A Person Max Tip Guy

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I don’t think you should ever tip shame, it’s not something that everyone HAS TO DO. No one HAS TO tip. In reality, your going out to eat, the service should be good if there is a tip or not.

Recently a post in Facebook went viral after a person put $5 in $1’s on his table and then every time the waitress screwed up they’d take a $1 away.

Wild, right?

Now maybe I could see this being legit if you did it with lets say… maybe $10? I don’t know. $5 just seems like what you should tip regardless. But again, I’m not here to tip shame. Hell, I think people who get mad about $5 tips are foolish. Money doesn’t grow on trees especially during a pandemic.

I’m just here to say… don’t be the max $5 tip guy!

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