Donald Trump Wants Lynch Suspended

The Oakland Raiders are a well-known team in both the United States and in Mexico. Last year, the Raiders took on the Houston Texans in Mexico City. This past Sunday, the Oakland Raiders took on the New England Patriots in the great country of Mexico.

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Before the game, the stadium showed respect to both countries by playing both of their National Anthems. During the anthems, Raiders’ running back Marshawn Lynch was caught sitting during the U.S Anthem. Even though he sat for the U.S. Anthem, Lynch was spotted standing for the Mexican National Anthem.

This comes as no surprise as Lynch has sat for the National Anthem for the whole 2017 season.

Seeing this, Donald Trump decided to do his usual shenanigans taking this to Twitter.

Trump has yet again called out the NFL to suspend another sports figure. Lynch has shown what side he stands for all season, and he is not the only one. Many players have sat during the National Anthem.

This year has been a Trump vs. the NFL showcase, and Lynch is just the next chapter of the book. Many fans want to be part of this chapter calling out Trump.

One would think our president would have more important things to worry about than a player standing for the National Anthem. But… As we can clearly tell, Trump does what he wants… Which should scare us all.

Reporters have asked Lynch to speak on how he feels about Trump’s tweet. Lynch, as always, doesn’t want to talk to the media. Lynch made his stand against Trump clear when he wore an “Everybody vs Trump” t-shirt before Oakland’s game against the Denver Broncos.

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Marshawn Lynch will keep being Marshawn Lynch, just as Donald Trump will keep being Donald Trump.

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