Donald Trump And Robert Kraft In Cahoots Over Spygate; Patriots Uncertain Who Is Starting At Quarterback Week 1?

Yesterday on ESPN, a story was published about Donald Trumps alleged involvement in the Spygate scandal that rocked the NFL in 2008 in regards to the New England Patriots spying on other teams before games.

Writers Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. have quotes from Arlen Specter’s son (Shanin) and a communications aide/ghostwriter of his book (Charles Robbins) suggesting that former president Donald Trump acted on behalf of Patriots owner Robert Kraft to buy Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter out of his investigation of Spygate with campaign funds.

The incident occurred back in 2008, long before Trump became president. But a lot of the article focuses on whether or not the act — if proven — could reach the level of attempting to bribe a public official.

Specter ended up dropping the investigation in June 2008. ESPN research shows Trump had donated to the Specter campaign, but three months earlier. And there was never any direct connection made between Kraft or any of his businesses and that money.

Much of the research for the piece was originally done at the University of Pittsburgh Archives & Special Collections.

Credit: Tim Benz of

For information on the developing story, check out the video below.

In other NFL news, the New England Patriots seem to be uncertain as to who will be starting Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season. Here is what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had to say on the matter.

“I think all the quarterbacks are working hard and again it’s a starting-over process for everybody, so some have been here, some of them haven’t, they’ve had various levels of opportunity to work in our offense, but really we’re starting everybody at the same point like we always do at this time of year,” Belichick said.

Mac dove into the playbook and continues to do that, like everybody out there. We all have a lot of things we’ve got to work on. That includes everybody. So that’s what he’s doing. That’s what everybody’s doing.”

“Cam’s been here all the way through,” Belichick said. “He was here at the beginning and has been a consistent participant, continues to give us the usual leadership and energy that he brings to the field and to the workouts and practice. Cam’s very professional, and I’m sure that he’ll continue to work hard and do his best out there like he’s always done for us. It’s never been anything but that from the day he got here. It’s hard to get everybody the right amount of work or get them at a high volume. You try to balance that out and give everybody an opportunity, try to spread the reps out,” Belichick said.

“It’s very important for players at every position to learn from the guy who’s taking the reps. Even if they’re not in there taking it, mentally they can still take it and go through the process. In the quarterback’s case, there’s his pre-snap keys and real-time timing. Guys watch it on film, but real-time timing of, alright, here’s what happens when the ball is snapped, here’s what I see, here’s where I go with the ball. But again, that’s true of every position. That’s what a good player will do, that’s what a good professional will do, they’ll take advantage of every rep whether they’re in there or not and then take advantage of the ones that they are in there, on the field for. We emphasize that to all the players. The plays that they get, they get. The team needs depth; you never know hats going to happen at any position. You can go very quickly from having too many to not having enough. At this point in time, we feel like all those players are good players. Brian has the most experience. Cam had a lot of experience last year. Jarrett’s had some off and on opportunities, but he’ll continue to get opportunities, and so will Mac. We’ll see how it goes.”

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