Dolly Parton Cured Coronavirus

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Imagine my surprise to wake up and see “Dolly Parton” trending on twitter. My first thoughts were “of course an old white lady is trending, I wonder what racist thing she said and is getting cancelled for”.


Dolly Parton, 74, donated $1,000,000 towards the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine that is currently testing at 95% effective.

Dolly Parton, besides being a beloved national icon is now a reason we might get a vaccine for covid-19? 2020 is WILD.

I can just imagine Dolly Parton sitting at her home, singing “Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaaacciiiiine” praying for her ONE MILLION DOLLARS to be used effectively. It was, as her fans (including myself) are thanking her for curing the world of Coronavirus.

I find it crazy how celebrities are able to just pitch over a cool milly just to maybe find a cure for something that may be allowed to be used by the FDA.

If you were to ask me before this data came out if Dolly Parton was a science minded person looking for a cure, I would have laughed in your face. You’re telling me this 74 year old, white, southern lady is pro-mask and spending her own money trying to find a vaccine? Wild.

We need to start appreciating Dolly more, she has done nothing but bring us great movies, TV shows, vaccine to a global pandemic and of course absolute bangers. Catch me naming my daughter Jolene if I ever have a girl.

Thank you Dolly.

Can we also appreciate this definition of an old-school smokeshow?

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