#Dogecoin To The Moon? Let’s Ride The Ship!

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STONKS. What a wild two weeks we have been having in the stock market, from GME, to AMC, to NOK, and Robinhood preventing the average Joe to buy those stocks today and allowing the suits to win and now everyone is all in on Dogecoin. It is nuts and you better keep up and adapt or you will get left behind.

I am one of those schmucks I was going to buy at .27 cents but I am a little slow so I got in at .41 cents so I have a little regret but now we are all aboard. Listen I do have a Bachelors degree and I don’t consider myself Einstein or anything like that but I do know one thing YOU RIDE WITH THE INTERNET.

The old way of trading is crippling around us and now the ‘Suits’ are pissed that the average Joe is realizing our power so now they are creating rules out of thin air to try and scare us. They won’t scare us this is a strong army that is forming and it will have the ‘Suits’ on their knees.

We need to stay the course and understand it is a long term game with the opportunity to cash out on short term gains that can potentially be LIFE CHANGING. You have to elevate where you are in that scheme and what you want to get out of this. But we need to realize this is HISTORY changing events that are happening right now and it is time to hop on the wave and go with the saying that says “Stocks only go up!” Buy and Hold. We are making this happen and we are building wealth together BELIEVE THAT.

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