Dogecoin Just Hit An All Time High! Again!!!

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Lets go! Who else is excited? I am! Dogecoin just hit an all time high baby! Let’s go. $.70! Wow!! That’s crazy to think about how much money some people are making. Go figure, I’m not making a TON of money. I jumped in around .30 cents. I mean, I’m making good money. But it’s not like some people who put $1,000 in a year ago and have $300,000. Wild to think about that.

Now I can’t lie. Is the price going to dip today? Who knows. Elon Musk is going to be on SNL so the price might jump. But we all know that on ‘Dogeday’ it was a celebration of the money made already and wasn’t having people buy the coin.

I love it though. This game is fun. The UPS The Downs. It’s all fun. Even if the coin dropped to nothing, I wouldn’t be mad. People can pull out at any time and it would be my fault. But I’m not going to pull it out because I’m UP. Instead I’m going to buy more and more and more and more and more and more and more well.. you get it. I’m going to keep buying a ton of Dogecoin! Dogecoin might not by the crypto of the future, but what if… what if it is? It seems like it’s more likely going to be it every day.

To the moon!!!

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