#Dogecoin Hit A Massive Milestone and Is Going Nuclear

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TO THE MOON, quiet literally Dogecoin hit a massive milestone today reaching .10 cents and I have made a lot of money today. This is a fun journey, if you truly believe in the power of the people and the internet this is the crypto for you.

It is taking over Doge, it is the number 1 trending topic on Twitter and people are going absolutely nuts talking about how crazy this really is. I don’t know why this massive pump has happened today and maybe it has something to do with Coin IPO being released on the stock exchange but whatever it is I am not complaining.

Always bet on the Internet, always. Dogecoin is really fun and the community is even better. I wish I got in on it before it was even a cent but I got in good so I can’t really complain. I am on this rocket ship for the long run and the next stop is the moon. If you believe in the power of the internet and the people I will say it again. Stay in Doge for the long run I promise one dollar is on the horizion.

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