Does Aaron Rodgers Have A Foot Fetish? #FeetballGuy

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Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers has placed himself in the headlines once again and this time it’s actually weird as fuck.

Rodgers has been dealing with what would appear to be, “COVID Toe”. And today he decided to go on television and let the whole world know exactly about his toe issue.

Ok so maybe COVID Toe was a stretch but the star QB is still weird as ever. Who in their right mind whoops out their little piggy’s and let’s the whole world see just how god damn weird you really are. Rodgers must think this is the type of shit people want to see and know about but NO THANK YOU AARON. Keep them mother fuckers inside a sock or shoe and do not just bust em out. This eerily gave me Frank Reynolds with the toe knife.

I'm a man cheetah! Wanna do something with this? — buckysus: that's  bleeding, i need some trash to...

Could this actually be how he hurt his toe? He was growing out his hair for Halloween and even said he has been taking supplement/vitamins to help with the growth. So theoretically Rodgers could’ve been cutting his toenails and just fucked it up with his toe knife, and to cover it up he’s calling it fractured.

Rodger’s is an absolute jackass and his antics are growing old to me and I assume all of Packers nation.

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