DNP3 Continues To Give Stuff Away And Everyone Loves It | @DNPthree

DNP3 is a computer engineer, gamer, and a self proclaimed ‘giveawayer’ and he continues to give items and money away on his platforms and people love it!

He is approaching 625,000 followers on Twitter. If you don’t know who he is, he is the founder of Gridcraft. Where you can earn real prizes and compete in cash events/competitions. It’s also a futuristic Minecraft server.

Some people even call him the Mr. Beast of Twitch. If you follow him on Twitter you’d know that’s true.

Right now he is giving away a $2,000 PC or $1,500 in cash! What an awesome giveaway. Count me in!

Recently he gave away a PS5:

As DNP3 continues to grow his giveaways are as well. But his Minecraft server is what everyone really needs to check out. It’s sick!

You can click here to check DNP3 out on Twitter!


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