DMX’s Send Off Was Legendary #DMXMemorial #DMXforever #dmxfuneral

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DMX funeral was today and boy did people show out. The seen in Brooklyn, NYC was nuts and sent chills when you just see the shear number of people that showed out to say goodbye to the legend.


Long live DMX, what a legend. It is really crazy how much love people have for him and deservingly so. The seen of people is crazy it literally was a mob that showed up in support of him. It was really sad seeing DMX passing because of how he passed.

The celebration of life has brought awareness that people should of checked on him more and cared while he was here on Earth and not after. It really sheds light that we need to catch on people we love often because we do not really know what people are going through on a daily basis and this is yet again another example of checking on someone too late.

This is a real line. Rest in power DMX it really is just a terrible situation.

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