DJ Graham Has The Best Catch We Have Ever Seen

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DJ Graham from Oklahoma just had easily the best pick and possibly the best catch of all time as well. Oklahoma was pretty easily running through Nebraska and shown they basically had game and then DJ Graham woke up the internet and that game with this fucking catch. I mean that one handed interception snag is fucking disgusting, it’s definitely topping the OBJ catch and I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t watch Oklahoma much so I’m not too sure who DJ Graham really is but this is about to put his name on the fucking map. I mean cmon how could it not, it happened with Odell his catch put his name on the map and a household name because of the internet of DJ keeps his play up this going to boost his stock.

Spencer Rattlers face is the same face we all had, and let’s be honest his face was his best highlight today. I honestly think he’s a bit overrated but I’m not going to speak on that much until I have my stats in order. Great game I mean there was tension before the game before the teams I didn’t realize the rivalry was like this but I love it. Nebraska put up a good fight but I mean Oklahoma is good this year. Spend your day watching this catch over and over because it’s worth it.

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