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MLB Minority Manager Epidemic

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There were many calling for a celebration after the MLB ASG, not because the AL team won for the eighth straight year, but because of how diverse the game of baseball is. According to an article via, 57.5% of the league is White, 31.9% Hispanic, 7.7% Black, and 2.9% Asian/Other. The numbers show that there is diversity amongst the players but how colorful is the wheel at the top? Dusty Baker of the Astros and Dave Roberts of the Dodgers are the only Black mangers in the MLB. Considering the Selig Rule, a policy that was enforced to ensure minorities be considered for manager positions was introduced in 1999, having only two Black managers in 2021 is not a good look for the MLB. In the NFL they have the Rooney Rule which still leaves coaches like Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy on the outside looking in when it’s time for a promotion.

This is not just a Black problem but minorities as a whole are not represented at the upper levels of the MLB. With a handful of minority managers and two lone Black mangers, there are no Black general mangers in the MLB. The two minority GM’s are Al Avila of the Detroit Tigers and Farhan Zaidi of the San Francisco Giants. These MLB organizations promised change, stood with the BLM movement, then went on to further extend the years of organizational oppression. You can not celebrate a league for being barrier breaking when they continue to build barriers of their own.

It makes me ask the question, how can we celebrate diversity of the game when the game as a whole is not diverse? Think about a school full of minority students seeing assistants, teachers, and principals who do not look like them but the cleaning staff does. It would be nice to see more people the same color as you in positions of power so you can strive to be that. This generation of kids should be able to say “When I grow up I want to own a baseball team”, shoot for the roof not the ceiling. The point I am trying to make is that real world diversity hire problems are reflected in the world of sports.

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