Disney Has Revealed Robo Biden For Hall Of Presidents

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One of the most famous attractions at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the Hall of Presidents where they do a show with animatronics of all 45 Presidents and now Disney has revealed the 46th President… Joe Biden. Lets just say this ‘Robo’ Biden is very very realistic:

Disney is reopening the Hall Of Presidents next month because it has been shutdown during COVID. Twitter is absolutely losing their minds on how realistic they think ‘robo’ Joe looks and I mean can you blame them?

Even if the robot does not look identical too Joe Biden you have to admit it is wild that we as humans can make something that looks so realistic. Really makes you think if robots will eventually take over the world one day and if we would even know? But that is a blog for another post. It just blows my mind that humans are capable of this.

Facebook on the other hand was not too happy that President Biden has been added to the ‘Hall Of Presidents’ but I guess you cannot please everyone. I like the thought of him being called BidenBot very original.

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