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Dirtsheet Writer Accuses Brodie Lee’s Wife and AEW of Lying About Cause of Death

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In an apparently ill-timed and seemingly unsubstantiated story, Pro Wrestling Torch writer Bruce Mitchell is implying that Amanda Huber and AEW were not forthcoming about the cause of death of beloved pro wrestler Brodie Lee (aka Jonathon Huber). Now, critics are questioning whether Mitchell has any facts to back up his story and questioning the timing of it given Mr. Huber’s recent passing.

Here are some excerpts from the story as a well as a link to the article (which may or may not remain online given the firestorm of controversy):

Mitchell writes about what he described as the WWE and AEW’s questionable COVID-19 precautions along with their decision to run shows when sports leagues such as the NHL and NBA paused events. He then questioned why Brodie Lee disappeared without any word on what happened:

Then, Brodie Lee disappeared.

Understandably in the Covid-19 Era the silence surrounding his absence led to many, myself included, wondering whether he had contracted the virus.

AEW and Lee’s family kept a very tight lid on what was going on with him and how serious Lee’s medical situation actually was. It turned out to so serious that he was being treated at the Mayo Clinic for it.

With his passing, Brodie Lee’s wife issued a statement noting the enormous support his family had received from AEW and the doctors at the Mayo Clinic during his illness. She stated that her husband had died “after a hard-fought battle with a non-Covid-related lung issue.”

Mitchell is apparently curious about why Amanda Huber and/or AEW officials did not provide details on the nature of Brodie Lee’s health problems and subsequent death:

That leaves the issue, though, of why Brodie Lee, his family, and AEW kept such a tight lid on information during his lilness. People who have had COVID-19 have gotten lung damage that remained after the virus had left their system and they then tested negatively for it. Could this be what Kee’s wife meant, that he had already recovered from a bout with COVID-19 and was then suffering from this lung issue? Why would the family and AEW stay so quiet about what was going on if it was not COVID-19 related at all?

Apparently, Mitchell hasn’t considered the possibility that the family wanted to protect Mr. Huber’s privacy and focus on his illness rather than turning it into a press release. It is not unheard of for private or public figures to keep news of a grave illness to themselves and it is their prerogative. There is no “need to know,” which is common sense. As for AEW, they may have felt constrained by HIPAA laws from reporting on Mr. Huber’s health, despite Mitchell’s apparent belief he was obligated to know.

There’s no denying the risks of the coronavirus, and if Lee did suffer from it, it might be a news story. However, Mitchell offers no evidence for his statement other than something which clearly puts him into the category of someone who can’t understand normal thinking. Consider this asinine statement as to why Brucie boy suspects there’s more to the story:

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve never heard of an athlete the size and in the shape Brodie Lee was in to be able to excel in his last two matches suddenly developing a lung condition that serious that quickly.

Remarks like this are probably why Mitchell has developed a bad reputation by those in the wrestling industry. Consider Jim Cornette’s 2017 comments on Mitchell:

Mitchell is not a doctor and apparently not much of a human being given the timing of his comments, a situation which caught the attention of Chris Hero:

Doctor Mitchell then concludes:

Whatever the circumstances, Brodie Lee’s family and AEW both would serve his memory best by being forthright, whatever they are, about all the circumstances surrounding his death, thereby honoring him by allowing us all to make the best-informed decisions possible protecting everyone’s health.

It’s not easy reporting or commenting on wrestling, but one should have something substantial before making a claim as Mitchell has. If he had any facts to back up his story, it might have been worth reporting. However, the lack of evidence combined with the poor timing of the story makes it seem like Bruce Mitchell is looking for clicks and that Eric Bischoff’s 1997 comments on Mitchell are accurate:

Bruce Mitchell is an idiot who relies on second and third hand information that he likes to report as fact. 

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