Ding – Dong Adam Gase Is Gone…

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Adam Gase is fired! Well kind of? It was reported last week by WFANs’ Craig Carton that he heard that New York Jets owner Christopher Johnson informed Gase that he would be let go after Week 17, every Jets fans wet dream! It is all but official now as Ian Rapport confirmed the report from Carton.

This is bitter sweet just as the Jets were on a winning streak Gase gets canned you hate too see it. Who am I kidding? I have not never disliked a head coach as much as I hate Adam Gase this guy is an absolute schmuck and a detriment to franchises, he destroyed Miami and thank the lord they have Brian Flores to repair that organization and now he destroyed the Jets and that is a tough thing to do it in of itself.

Tomorrow will be a great day for Jets fans we can finally root for them to win and Adam Gase will never be on the sidelines for the New York Jets ever again. It feels like a bad dream that he was ever the Jets coach in the first place but now we can at least have some piece of mind that Joe Douglas will assemble his own coaching staff and that has to be encouraging. These nexts few months will be super important for this organization; new head coach, lots of draft picks, and tons of cap space.

Let Joe Douglas go to work he has proven too be the best GM the Jets have had in a decade (that is not saying much though). Despite all of that this is a very exciting offseason for the Jets! We will wait and see but unfortunately the legendary New York Jets head coach Adam Gase will be fired tomorrow. F in the chats please.

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