Different Types Of Football Bets To Place

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If you are new to football betting or want to try something different, it can be a little overwhelming as to the choice of wagers available. And while most people bet on a game’s final result, placing other types of sport bets can make watching your favourite team all the more interesting.

To help you get started, why not check out our quick guide to the main football bet types: different types of football bets to place.

Match result

The most common type of football bet is where you are trying to predict the result at the end of normal match time (90 minutes). It is also known as win/lose/draw as these are your three basic options when it comes to deciding what the full-time match result will be. 

Correct score

Taking the match result to the next level, with a correct score bet, you are attempting to predict the actual score at the end of normal time. A top tip is to get your score the right way round as the home team score comes first, followed by the away team. As there’s a wide range of score permutations, the odds of winning are quite low but if you really know your team’s scoring patterns, it is a fun way to place a wager.

Draw no Bets (DNB)

This is a bet on the full-time match results except you don’t get the option of a draw. You bet on either home or away win and will get your stake back if the game results in a draw. But this does mean that the odds on a win will be less than a full match result bet. However, if you know your team’s form, in theory this type of bet could be a good call. 

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap bet is very popular and makes placing a wager pretty interesting. It works in the same way as handicap racing – it is used to weigh or even up the outcome of a match in favour of one of the teams. So, say Liverpool and Blackpool are drawn to play a match, the odds of a win would be in Liverpool’s favour. And that means a low odds return on a bet. But with an Asian Handicap you can even this out for a better return by starting Liverpool off in a negative position (eg. -2.0) so they’d have to score three goals to win. Or you can put Blackpool ahead (+1) so they start with a one goal lead.  Read more about the Asian Handicap

Football Accumulator

If you want to shake up your full-time result betting, then try out a football accumulator. Taking the wager from a single match to several games, you need to correctly predict the win/lose/draw outcome of them all to collect on your bet. And you can choose games across different leagues and game days to keep the suspense going. Or play an accumulator online with the Beat the Drop game

Total goals (under/over)

This is a two-option bet and is popular due to its simplicity and also its relative predictability. To place this type of bet, you simply need to decide whether the full-time result will be higher or lower than a total number of goals quoted (usually 2.5 goals but this can be moved to lower or higher). So, if you bet under, then the final score needs to be under 2.5 goals (eg. 0-0, 1-1. 1-0 or 2-0), whereas an over bet would pay out if the score was, for example, 3-0 or 2-1. Simple but can be an interesting challenge!

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