Diego Sanchez Fires Josh Fabia, The Best Decision of His Life

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All good things must come to an end, and in this case, all horrific things must also come to an end. Today it was announced that Diego Sanchez has terminated his relationship with short-time voodoo con-artist Josh Fabia. For those who don’t know, Fabia somehow weaseled his way into training Diego Sanchez, despite having no real coaching track record, and the guys methods were freaking insane. He’d do shit like make diego hang upside down and beat him with a stick, you know, because that’s what you gotta look out for in the octagon.

Looks like Diego Sanchez finally came to the conclusion that you can’t really rely on the voodoo death touch in a professional cage-fight. “If you pinch his trachea and fondle his scrodum you’ll put any man to sleep, Diego.” – Josh Fabia (not really, but maybe). I just really hope no other fighters fall for this guys bullshit, if he really had the secrets to combat he’d probably have won a few fights or something, instead he just kinda does this weird cult thing. So, good by Josh, and enjoy this video of Matt Serra embarrassing him.

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