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Did Vlad Admit To Being A Fraud On Live With Dave Portnoy? @stoolpresidente @vladtenev

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For supposedly being a smart guy Vlad sounds like an idiot with all due respect. He just sounds as dumb as a rock, he is not articulate with anything he is saying or really being engaging in any conversations or questions that Dave is asking. I would peg Vlad for being a puppet to the suits and Melvin Capital (which he said he very heard of, give me a break) but he is obviously a face to a much bigger operation. I would very expect to him admitting he is a fraud but he basically did it on live with Dave.

The big issue with the whole Robinhood issue was liquidity, did they have enough money to disseminate that to all of their customers. If Robinhood initially came out with that statement being the reason they have halted buying and selling there probably would not be an issue. But the fact they never came forth with that information in the first place looks shady. Vlad is also the biggest bore on the planet and he has to put on a Lakers hat on to make it seem like he is hip and cool. He also has a very punchable face if you ask me.

The fact that he said he is proud of how Robinhood handle this situation shows he is so out of touch of the real ramifications that happened because he halted buying of multiple stocks. He is such a douche it is so apparent. Dave has had him on the ropes for the whole livestream and it was clear to everyone that Vlad was underprepared and he came off like an absolute schmuck.

While Robinhood itself cannot halt Wall Street and the stock market completely they played a huge part in it being halted and it is because they needed to bail out Melvin Capital and Vlad and Robinhood should of came and said it was a liquidity issue it would still have been dirty but at least they would have had an MO for the reasoning.

Dave definitely got the best of Vlad and I am glad this happened it showed that he is a fraud and a clown. This also flexed the power of Portnoy and Barstool once again they have the Internet by the balls and it is so evident.

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