Did The @Oshawa_Generals Just Win Hockey Twitter?

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Flawless. The Oshawa Generals just tweeted the most accurate description of every OHL team in the most world-renowned terms, The Office characters.

Before we dive deep into these comparisons lets take a moment to thank the Generals for bringing some much needed OHL content to our lives. It has been a LONG 9 months. I missed you.

The Barrie Colts as Gabe Lewis is a great choice. They’re kind of weird but you want the best for them. Some people hate them, most just kind of ignore them. They do however grow on you throughout time and you root for them with the more personality they show.

The Erie Otters are 100% Pam. They are both beloved but when Jim/McDavid leave to pursue bigger and better accomplishments, they kind of lose their importance.

Flint Firebirds X Fire Guy. The combo of the Firebirds with the fire guy is pretty funny. You sometimes forget that Ryan actually works at Dunder Mifflin and honestly we all forget that the Firebirds are in the OHL sometimes. Besides the fire relation, I don’t see any real similarities here.

The Nard Dog as Guelph makes complete sense and no sense at all. They’re both complete wildcards and you will never know what they’ll do in an episode/season. They both had major glow-ups as, the Storm with that new logo and Andy with the drippiest sty in the office.

Karen as the Bulldogs is one of the more accurate comparisons. She used to work at a different branch. The Bulldogs used to play somewhere else. I’m going take this one even deeper. Rashida Jones (actress who plays Karen) also stared on Parks and Rec. The Bulldogs also used to be an AHL franchise not long ago.

Also when talking about the Bulldogs you have to always mention the fact that Arthur Kaliyev looks identical to their logo…

Creed Bratton as the Kitchener Rangers is iconic. Both have been around forever and we hope they never leave. Both tend to fly under that radar but whenever you catch a glimpse you cant help but smile.

This is by far the best comparison. Dwight Schrute as the London Knights is perfect. “Love hating them, and hate loving them”. Both are main characters every season/episode. They want to be the bosses favourite. Will outsell anyone else. The best at their jobs. But you cant help but laugh at how much you hate them. When they fail you almost feel a little bad knowing how good they are. They always have the best players/clients and will do anything not to lose them ($$$).

Stanley Steelheads. They both love to do nothing. When they make an impact however, it’s a big one.

The Niagara Ice Dogs and Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration) have one thing in common. They LOVE their name. Neither will ever change.

I really think that David Wallace would have been a better fit for the Battalion here. Jan is just way to mental. Wallace is anyway the higher ranking boss. If the Generals are trying to imply that North Bay is more like Jan, then there is some bizarre stuff going down at these OHL conferences.

The pretty obvious choice if you’re the Generals. Aside from my Oshawa bias, its pretty accurate. London could have just as easily taken this spot as the legendary Michael Scott. The Gens have one of the longest histories in the OHL. They have a great number of accomplishments, but they’re not really the ones in charge.

Jim Halpert as the 67’s unfortunately works. They’re just good. They do nothing wrong. They’re likeable and just hard to hate. No matter what they do, you cannot be mad when either does well.

Kevin Malone may actually be the mascot for the Attack. They’re both just big bears who really don’t do anything but sit there.

If the Generals are going to put themselves as Michael Scott, of course the Petes have to be Toby. They hate each other. They’re bitter rivals. Every scene together you know there is a fight coming. Also the Petes are BORING.

Erin as the Spirt makes sense. She’s got the most “Spirit”. Erin throughout the show is either a very lowkey secondary character or the focus of the episode. Saginaw is very similar. In their early years they didn’t make much impact but are atop the best teams in the league now.

The Generals summed this comparison up perfectly in their tweet, “Rational, quietly efficient, and someone everyone can love”. Like Oscar, the Sting have some notable times where they’re relevant but for the most part keep to themselves.

This ones all on dogs. Not only does Jo look like the woman from 101 Dalmatians. She’s also got her own pack of dogs that are definitely not within the amount allowed per law. They’re both old and have actually done some amazing things when they were young.

I guess you have to assign Sudbury to someone, might as well be Phyllis. Both pretty calm and steady, but don’t get it twisted if you cross them… they’ll come for you.

Kelly Kapoor weirdly fits with the Spitfires. They both had glow-ups midway through their exitances but only really made it big a couple of times.

Overall I think the Generals did a good job at these comparisons. Was a cool change to see them take some shots at other organizations.

I have high hopes for hockey media and twitter to be more vocal and showing more personality such as the NBA and NFL.

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