Did The #IslandBoys Stand-Up Marty Mush? @martymush

Written by austenlange

Barstool creator Marty Mush is one that people seem to have various opinions over but that’s not what this article is about. This is about those rat bastard Island Boys STANDING UP our Rat from Ronkonkoma.

Marty has been hosting his own daily live show, “Mush The Line” and last night posted a graphic for a jammed pack week of great guests.

Today they even led off with THE ISLAND BOYS.

Helluva guest list here honestly, however it got started out on the wrong goddamn foot.

After going live today it was apparent that Island Boys were not going to show up for their appearance, which sucks because it was the main reason many had tuned in to the stream.

Mush posted this after the live stream.

Hopefully they make it up to Marty and end up joining his stream but we may never know.

Go give Marty some kind words and lift his little sewer rat head up because this must really suck.

P.S. Marty, at least change the fucking twitter handled bub, or can Barstool not afford it?

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