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Did Texas and OU Ruin College Football?

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As many of you have seen, Texas and Oklahoma appear to be leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. When this news broke a few days ago, I expected it to be nothing but rumors with no legitimacy to it. However as it turns out this is very true and shaking up the college football spectrum.

For the Big 12 this sucks. They’ve lost a power 5 feel to it. The best teams are now Oklahoma St, Texas Tech, and West Virginia. The conference just no longer had the glamour it had in the past. Unless new teams are added, the Big 12 could be in trouble.

For the SEC, it just gets better. The proposal I saw had Alabama and Auburn moving to the East, as OU and Texas are now in the West. This means the West has OU, Texas, LSU, Texas A&M, as well as both Mississippi schools. The East has Bama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Insane. Powerful and loaded.

With this happening, we only seem to have 3 power conferences left. The PAC 12 is horrible. The Big 12 will be dead. And honestly, the Big 10 is hanging on the coat tail of Ohio St. If you take the Buckeyes away, the Big 10 becomes disgustingly mediocre. The ACC should add Notre Dame full time to keep up with the SEC. This really damages college football in my opinion.

I also might add that as of late Texas has no business being here. Over recent years, they have shown nothing that makes anyone think they are of SEC quality. These soft people can’t even handle a horns down taunt, Texas will get eaten alive in the SEC! Time will tell, but I don’t think Texas will ever be back. If they couldn’t pull it together in the Big 12, things will only get worse in the SEC.

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