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Did Miro Just Threaten to Kill Jim Cornette?

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Looks like professional wrestling’s biggest shit-talker could be in for an ass beating. No stranger to pissing people off, Jim Cornette recently commented on the Kip Sabian and Miro vs. Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor match from AEW Revolution, apparently enraging Kip and Miro (aka former WWE Superstar Rusev) with his critique. Here’s what Cornette said on his Cornette’s Drive-Through podcast (thanks to Ringside News for the transcript):

“[Miro] is being allowed to be himself, and he is obviously a complete f*cking goof. He has no idea how to get over. He has no idea what got him over for that little time before in the other company. He does this stupid sh*t and obviously enjoys himself doing it. He was paired with a f*cking kid who looks like he’s in middle school and his slutty girlfriend to have a feud with a guy who sticks his hands in his pockets and another guy who looks like he cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener.”

“Job guy underneath talent all the way, and he has embraced this instead of saying [in Iron Sheik impression] ‘No Tony Khan! You make me top guy or I f*ck you and humble you!’ No, that’s the Iron Sheik, but he’s a f*cking idiot. Miro with his Minnie Mouse t-shirts.”

To no one’s surprise, Rusev responded to Cornette’s criticism, tweeting:

Kip Sabian shared his thoughts on Cornette, tweeting a reply to Miro:

Could the considerably corpulent Cornette suffer this man’s fate?

This is by no means the first time Cornette has stirred the pot, leading to threats to his bodily well-being. The legendary manager feeds off these types of responses and is likely hoping he’ll get even more attention for his popular podcast. While Cornette has burnt just about every bridge conceivable with professional wrestling organizations thanks to his various statements, “The Louisville Lip” is unlikely to stop talking shit until he’s dead and gone. Whether or not Miro makes this happen remains to be seen.

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