Did ‘Lil Huddy’ Chase Hudson Cheat On Charli D’Amelio? – Josh Richards Drops Diss Track With Bryce Hall

Okay.. okay! This TikTok drama is starting to heat up. TikTok stars Chase Hudson who is better known as LilHuddy and his girlfriend, Charlie D’Amelio are in the news for there relationship that doesn’t seem to be going good at all!

The two of them have been talking for a few months now, and in a relationship for two. After the two of them started clicking and making viral TikTok video’s together, no one thought that the relationship could already possibly be over. But it’s true.

This more than likely has ended the relationship as LilHuddy has been DM’ing different girls and sending them ‘pictures’ according to a recent diss track.

Yesterday – Josh Richards dropped a diss track about LilHuddy trying to DM his girlfriend Nessa Barrett

Did Lil Huddy cheat on Charlie? That question is hard to answer…. From the diss track it makes it seem like he must have cheated seeing they mention Charlie in it.

I wish nothing but the best for these two. Cheating’s terrible, but remember that they’re young. Mistakes happen. Maybe they’ll move on and end up being in a relationship again.

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