Justin Tucker does a Double Doink! Is he the new Cody Parkey?

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Tucker!!!! Two missed kicks??? Are you kidding me? Am I dreaming? Am I alive? Am I gay? Am I on drugs? Is he on drugs? What drug? Justin Tucker does not miss two kicks in a game, let alone back-to-back, let alone in the playoffs. We’ve gotta be living in some sort of alternate reality here.

Tucker had to have done some sort of black-tar heroine today in the locker room. As fans, we’re used to the guy being automatic from anywhere 55 and in, and he just Parkeyed a 48 yarder. Begs the question, is Justin Tucker the new Cody Parkey? In my opinion, Parkey’s the new king of AFC North kicking. Don’t believe me? Check the statz, brah.

Honestly, the best part of this is the completely idiotic faces Tucker makes after he misses. He’s more surprised then the rest of us combined when he shanks one. He looks like he’s staring into a time machine of Warsaw, Poland in 1939. Yup. History jokes. Looks like that Rutgers education is paying off.

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