Did Julia Rose and Jake Paul Break Up? Jake Mentioned It In Logan Paul’s Recent Video – @JakePaul @JuliaRose_33


Well this relationship didn’t seem to last too long. During Logan Paul’s recent YouTube video titled “Punishing Jake Paul”, his brother Jake mentioned that Internet star/Smokeshow Julia Rose broke up with him.

He didn’t go into detail about what happened and I don’t blame him. I’m sure the situation will be talked about in an upcoming episode of the podcast, ImPaulsive.

What we do know is that Jake mentioned that it was something that he did and then asked for her to forgive him… Hmmm….


“My boats name is…. I’m hungover, depressed, and heartbroken because my girlfriend dumped me because I’m a fucking idiot.”

“Julia if you’re watching this please take me back. Guy’s if you’re in a relationship don’t take what you have for granted.”

We don’t know the truth, but how do you mess it up with her? When you have the best looking girl on the planet…. you can’t screw up, but then again… It’s Jake… Although, I like the way his content is shifting – he continues to make more and more drama.

They’re also not following each other on any platform…. does that mean Julia blocked him?

Hey Julia… Now that you’re single, SUP?

As you can tell from Julia’s recent post… it doesn’t seem to be bothering her too much:

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