Did Joe Flacco Not Get The Memo That The Jets Are Tanking?

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I hate being a Jet fan, I really do and I hate Joe Flacco. If you’re a Jet fan you knew this was going to happen, you knew the Jets couldn’t tank properly. This franchise sucks I seriously don’t understand!

Just don’t show up and play the game FORIET

you dummies LAY OVER AND DIE. You know Billy boy over in Patriot land is throwing this game! But no, Adam Gase has to show he is an offensive genius NINE WEEKS IN.

I knew the Jets were going to be complete and utter assholes and win this I just knew it. Now this even Jacksonville the perfect opportunity to tank correctly and get Trevor Lawerence. If I am Trevor I want the Jets to win this game because Jacksonville sounds a whole of a hell lot nicer than freezing New York or New Jersey. Screw you Serigo as well dickhead is a halfway decent kicker too and you are ruining the tank.

I hate the Jets, I hate Adam Gase, I hate Joe Flacco, and I really hate that they don’t even know how to tank properly.

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