Did DaBaby scum kids out of their candy?

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A video came out today of two kids going up to DaBaby and asking him for $200 for a box of candy. Instead of giving them the $200, DaBaby gave them a total of $4 for some Gushers and Skittles, and then left. Watch the video.

Personally, I’m team DaBaby 100% on this one. These two kids saw a rich rapper in town and tryed to scum 200 dollars out of him for something that was worth no more than 50 bucks. Why should he pay them all that money? They made no sales pitch, clearly overpriced it, and just expected him to pay. Why reward them for that? Don’t get me wrong, I respect the shit out of those kids hustle though. If you’re selling candy and DaBaby rolls through town you better try to squeeze as much cash out of the guy as you can. The strategy definitely needs a little work, but I respect the effort altogether.

Honestly though, good for DaBaby. Who needs that many skittles and gushers anyway? What was he possibly going to do with that much candy? He’d certainly have a stomach ache before his show if he ate it all, and his friends probably would’ve politely declined anyway. So, in conclusion, 4 dollars was an appropriate amount to pay for the candy. Thank you for reading. Oh, and PS, if you write a song as good as Practice by DaBaby, you can do literally whatever you want and I’ll side with you.

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