Did Ben Askren Take A Dive? Fake? Scripted?

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After Jake Paul knocked Ben Askren down on April 17th and the boxing match between the two was called people who rented the fight started speculating that the fight was fake.

Some people are saying that Askren did this on purpose for the money and that he didn’t want the match to last long. Others are saying the ref called it off too fast. And some are even saying that it was scripted entirely.

I disagree.

I think that Jake Paul is a solid boxer and is very smart with what he does. He continues to fight his way up the rankings. From boxing a Youtuber, to a pro athlete, to a world class wrestler who people like Dana White said would destroy Paul. He continues to work his way up.

People just want to hate on him. As you can see below, Askren was wobbling even after he was up:

Now.. who’ll accept the next contract? Everyone wants to see Jake Paul lose. But he continues to win.

Do I think that Ben faked it? No. Not at all. I think that he got hit with a solid shot and it put him out. Was it weird he was smiling with his family after? No. Not at all. They were happy him and his dad bod were okay.

Check out the knock down and some I my opinions below:

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